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The quality policy of our company

Area of company management

  • Periodic review of quality systems to create expectations for further improvement
  • Provide necessary resources for performance of quality policy
  • Improving the company image, especially by quality of provided services
  • Increasing the volume of carried out work

Area of services

  • Customer satisfaction with provided services
  • Introduction of new technologies
  • Fixing the positions of existing suppliers and achieving more advantageous conditions in supply of goods
  • Choose and classification of suppliers of work in terms of their competence and quality of their work
  • Increasing number of the customers

Area of personnel and training

  • Achieving high technical level of professional staff – saved in the form external and internal training and cross transfer of knowledge and experience.

Area of infrastructure

  • Improving the working environment
  • Ensure more performance work equipment and tools

Area of marketing and business

  • Ensure and maintain solid market position by increasing quality of products supplied
  • Focus on smaller customers

The company has established quality management system based on ÈSN EN ISO 9001:2001 got in 2007.