Grinder Bond 180 and Bel 180

bruska Bond 180 a Bel 180Machines Bond and Bel are mobile devices of table implementation. These grinders deburr and sharpen edges at products made of metal, with the help of the facet wheel.

The workpieces are manually move.By coming through wheel circumference will be direction of grinding rotated and this leads to perfect deburring.

The facet wheel is installed that way to be the wheel worn regularly. Size of deburred edge is set by rotating upper body in range 0,1 to 2 mm. Setting is held with the help of setscrew.

In most cases just set the facet wheel that way that there is minimum contact between workpiece and facet wheel. If necessary to reach greater chamfer, the wheel is adjusted more toward the cut Circumferential grooves (marked on the label) serves to cut setting. 1 division=0,07 x 45.

The technical solution is patented.

Technical specification:

BOND - 180
BEL - 180
Type of equipment:
Equipment for accurate grinding and deburring
Table implementation, exhaustion with cyclone separator built in, perfect housing of the wheel.
Grinding flat facet wheel Æ 178x22mm
Three phase motor flanged
Protection against dangerous touch
Automatic disconnected from the source, protection cover IP 54
Drive power:
0,75 kW or 1,1KW,3x400/220V,2840 turns/min With starting capacitor, connected to 220V, 0,8kW, 3,6A, 012 mF,280 turns/min
Control of the workpiece:
sweep angle 90°,250 mm long, Shoulder width 86/60 with deburring groove wide 3mm, surfaces lined by steel foils made of spring steel.
260x260x430mm 300x300x360mm
20 kg 15 kg
Max. weight of the workpiece:
Special accessories:

Control of the workpiece by special arrangement (chamfer 15-45°)
Design according to customer's requirements